SherpaTO™ is presently recognized, appreciated and deployed across more than 20 organisations of various sizes, public, private or governmental, in Québec and other parts of the world, such as Air Canada, CAE, Vidéotron, Transcontinental, STM, Hydro Québec,  Montreal Casino, CHUQ, ASSS de la Capitale Nationale, Aliments Ultima, and many others.

SherpaTO™ is ideal for managers deploying any organizational transformation. Unlike other toolboxes, it doesn't just provide you with templates. Whether you are are looking for a structured approach, expert recommendations or best practices in change management, SherpaTO™ can make your job easier.

  • 24/7 access to a system that requires no IT investment, because it's available in the cloud.
  • Greater credibility and confidence. SherpaTO™ gives you the assurance to make decisions and move forward with determination, without worrying about having forgotten something or skipping steps that are critical to the success of your projects.
  • Major gains in productivity and self-reliance, thanks to the automatic documentation of reusable information tied to your change management activities. For example, the documentation and continuous use of the system help your managers and other professionals within your organization hone their own skills to better manage change.
  • Access to continuous updates, thanks to the ongoing contribution of the community of experts from Brio Change and its client users.
  • Standardization of change management approaches, tools, terminology, and deliverables across your organization and various projects; all persons involved will speak the same language and work towards the same goal.