Latest updates

SherpaTOTM is constantly evolving, thanks to the contribution of the users group, as well as the Brio Change consultants’ field experience.

Here are some of the features recently added:  

  • Ability to export tools and dash boards in PDF and XLS formats

    You can now export the dash board in a PDF or Excel file that you can easily incorporate in your presentations.
  • Ability to export blank templates

    You now have access to the blank templates for all tools, which you can print and fill out with the groups affected during workshops.
  • SherpaTO light version now available

    TM – light version proposes managers and change management practitioners, a basic kit that will generate smaller scope changes. Some of the proposed analysis tools are the same as in the standard version, as they are absolutely essential to the process, such as the identification of the stakeholders of the change. Nevertheless, others have been removed, putting forward a level of depth and detail that is more appropriate to your context.

    You can change from SherpaTOTM – light version to the standard version, while maintaining all the integrity of your thought process.

Coming soon…

New tool – Benefits management

Objective: examine the conditions prior to the achievement of business and/or operational benefits, in order to manage the return on investment (ROI)

For a more detailed description of this tool, download its fact sheet.

SherpaTOTM «Multi» 

Objective: provide a SherpaTOTM version that would be able to manage multi-site or multi-deployment projects, and even transformations including multiple projects
  • Multi-site: aims to manage a large scope project spreading across several sites, in order to conduct analysis that respect the local “flavour “ and context
  • Multi-deployment: aims to manage a project scheduled to be deployed in several consecutive or parallel phases 
  • Multi-programme: aims to manage a programme that includes several consecutive or parallel projects contributing to the same transformation

General Options:
  • Being able to copy a project towards another one
  • Having a consolidated overview of certain information (dashboard, impact analysis, etc.)

New tool – Change management maturity analysis

Objective: examine the change management maturity level for the organization, as well as the project 
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