Product overview

Imagine benefitting from THE reference in change management for only a few dollars a day!

Based on best practices and applied research, SherpaTO™ proposes an change management methodology built around five dimensions-Comprehend, Adhere, Participate, Transfer, Evolve or CAPTE - aligned on principles recommended by the Project Management Institute as the basis for any project.

Each phase includes a series of activities and each activity (14 in all) is supported by a specific tool. Each tool includes:

  • A description of its purpose;
  • Instructions that suggest various ways to use the tool effectively;
  • A grid to analyze the context of the change or a related topic;
  • A benchmarking question to draw conclusions from the analysis.

Actions are put forward based on the answer to the benchmarking question. The user must choose the recommendations that fit the organization's context and project. The recommendations are automatically integrated into the change management, communication, and training action plans. It is also possible to add additional actions.

Once all of the tools in a phase are completed, a diagnostic grid shows the level of change readiness of the organization and its ability to move on to the next phase.

The results are included in an executive dashboard that allows you to monitor the change project's progress at a glance. 5 measurement tools to assess the level of achievement of the change management objectives for each dimension. Like traffic lights, green, yellow, and red indicators highlight the project status;

A postmortem is also recommended to help identify each phase's successes and failures and provide constructive feedback to the project team.

SherpaTO™ was developed as Software as a Service (SaaS) to ensure user-friendliness. Therefore, organizations using SherpaTO™ are relieved of any concerns usually associated with the addition of software to their computer environment, as it is an online coach free of the hassles usually associated to the implementation of new software.

For more information on technical pre-requisites and security specifications, please download the technical documentation.

download our technical documentation