Capte Approach

SherpaTO™ proposes a five-step approach to cover each dimension of a change management project: Comprehend, Adhere, Participate, Transfer, and Evolve.

COMPREHEND understand the need for expertise to carry out the change project, its raison d'étre, the stakeholders involved in the project, its legitimacy, the proper conditions for success, and the desired results at the highest level. 

ADHERE buy into the change by identifying its impact in detail, and the related concerns for each stakeholder involved in the organizational change.

PARTICIPATE in the change by involving the stakeholders based on the context of the project.

TRANSFER the change by identifying an adequate training strategy, potential obstacles to training, stakeholder concerns, and the proper conditions for a successful transition.

EVOLVE by identifying the conditions that ensure the sustainability of the change.

Our change management approach: Complementing and boosting your project management practices

Change management consists of the implementation of an array of activities pertaining to five main dimensions, in order to create the appropriate conditions for change. Here are the detailed steps for a successful change management project according to CAPTE methodology.