« SherpaTO™ has been a great help to us in terms of legitimizing the importance of dealing with change in a strategic and well-planned manner. This tool helps us understand all the issues related to our 10 major change projects, anticipate the potential risks so we can make any necessary adjustments, and even make sure that all stakeholders are involved in the projects. Without SherpaTO™, some key people would have been forgotten in the planning stage. This is a wonderful tool that helps us be more methodical. »


Change Management Advisor,
Quebec Organization in Charge of Industry Regulation
« Since October 2013, SherpaTO™ has been helping us manage various change projects, including two major ones. Without a doubt, the tool’s most valuable asset has been its ability to demystify the notion of change management in our organization, presenting it in a business language. The user guide is an indispensible companion that accompanies us step by step through the process of defining change management strategies. As for the CAPTE approach, it’s accessible and includes concrete activities, allowing every stakeholder to easily adopt it. Today, we manage change…without discussion. Instead of talking about it, we do it. »

Joannie Lacasse CRIA, CIRC

Project Management Advisor, Agropur
« We use SherpaTO™ tools and activities for no less than 20 change management projects, going with a step-by-step strategy. It was essential for us to make sure that our users had a positive initial experience, so that this tool could be deployed more broadly in order to live up to its promise. By turning abstract notions into concrete actions, SherpaTO™ won everyone over. And by linking each project management phase with the clear definition of roles and responsibilities, we helped facilitate the evolution of our projects. We are currently in the process of implementing the dashboards for our first project, and it’s been a very positive experience so far. »

Sindy Duguay

Division Head – Training & Change Management, Promutuel
« Using SherpaTO™ enabled the project team to see that the idea they had about the stakeholders' level of understanding and buy-in was quite different than what it actually was. Given the situation, SherpaTO™ encouraged the team of scientists to do change management. This virtual coach helped us ask ourselves questions that we had never thought of asking before. We greatly appreciated the user-friendliness of the tools and downloadable results, as well as the quality of the presentation. Overall, this approach and easy-to-use toolbox helped us achieve significant results in change management within a short period of time. »

Diane Fillion, ing.,M.Ing.

Innovation and Energy Efficiency, Asset Management and Regulatory Compliance Directorate, Hydro-Québec
« SherpaTO™ provides me with food for thought, as well as for concrete action. It gives me credibility in my advisory role with internal clients. I couldn't imagine doing my work without it! »

Elizabeth Forgues

Adviser, Organizational Training and Development, Human Resources Department, Casino de Montréal.
« We had thought of building our own toolbox, but compared to SherpaTO™, we knew we couldn't do better. And I was really impressed with its reasonable price. It's like an insurance policy: Through a comprehensive approach, SherpaTO™ helps structure one or several projects at a time while improving productivity. A project that other hospitals took three years to implement we deployed in six months. »

Claudine Benoit

Adviser, Organizational Development, Montréal Heart Institute.
« On many occasions, our project team members thought we had the same project in mind when starting out and would soon realize that we weren't always talking about the same thing. Thanks to SherpaTO™, we brainstormed together to develop a common vision, method and vocabulary right from the start. This ended up being a great team-builder exercise. We also use the system for various initiatives and for all kinds of organizational development activities—it's a real gold mine. »

Célinie Fugulin-Bouchard

Organizational Development Director, Sainte-Justine University Hospital.
« SherpaTO™ is a quick and practical tool for managers, as well as a great time saver. The time invested in creating the tools was eventually recovered. »

Stéphane Martel

Administrative Supervisor, Logistics-Projects and Technicians (Casino de Montréal)