Training & Support


The SherpaTO™ training is a combination of small group sessions that the participants can attend in person or remotely in a webinar format.

The small session training takes place in two phases, in order to allow the participants to apply their new knowledge in one of their current projects. They then return to the second part of the training having a real experience with SherpaTO™ and the questions specific to their environment. Sharing experience in a group is an exceptional source of learning for all participants.

The combined training represents a total of 5 hours.

Upon completing the training, the participants will become familiar with the navigation and use of the SherpaTO™ online tools, as well as the dimensions of the CAPTE change management methodology.

The training calendar is flexible, providing participants with the possibility to choose among several dates so that they can opt for the speed that best fits their learning curve and availability.


SherpaTO™ users have at their disposal several help and support options. In order to address general and/or specific needs, support is available on three different levels:
  1. Definitions, available directly in the texts, will help facilitate the user’s comprehension.
  2. Detailed explanations on the use and objective of each tool are available in the tool itself at all times.
  3. A support community that allows asking questions and find answers, as well as posting comments. Furthermore, this space offers a wide array of best practices for change management.
Any other questions, be they technological or content based, will be addressed in a 24 working hour delay. Any types of questions are welcome.

*For more information about change management training programs, you are invited you to visit the Brio Change website.