Users group

The user group assembles all the SherpaTO users, inviting them to share their change management experiences with SherpaTO, as well as propose and validate its improvements and updates. The contribution of the users is an invaluable source of evolution, as it drives the system to be ever more innovative and efficient. This is a key input that fuels the knowledge evolution behind our online coach.

The proof? The two new features for multiple and complex projects, allowing users to better manage multiple and complex projects. These recent add-ons were developed as a result of our exchanges with the SherpaTO users group in order to support managers having to deal with accelerated and often simultaneous changes.

The « Consolidated View » feature will provide in one click the status of the change management activities for each project and for each component of a complex project involving several phases or deployments across several sites. This consolidated view will be available in the same dashboard!

The second feature, named « Project Management » will facilitate the task of creating a new project. SherpaTOTM users will be able to copy, create links and exchange information from one project to another. In the case of a project that requires deployments across several sites, it will be possible for example to create pre-populated templates for each of the sites and therefore save considerable time.

The C6 tool for managing benefits, allowing users to identify the business and/or operational benefits expected from a project, as well as the conditions preliminary to their realization, is also the result of our discussions with clients on their specific needs.

The fact that this change management coach is available online allows for an instant update of all new tools and features to all of its users.

The members of the user group get together for formal meetings twice a year, but have the option of getting in touch at all times within the forum dedicated to such exchanges in the community support section.